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Simple M!As
Blind: Muse is unable to see for __
Mute: Muse is unable to speak for __
Deaf: Muse is unable to hear for __
Paralysis: Muse is unable to move __ (anon specifies what) for __
Mind: Muse cannot remember anything or anyone for __
Mutation: Muse has an extra __ (anon specifies what) for 3 days.
Genderbent: Muse is the opposite gender for __
Petite: Muse is about the size of a pen cap for __
Tall: Muse is __ (anon specifies how tall) for __
Split: Muse has split into two people, one evil and one nice, lasts a day.
Roleswap: Muse has the body of the mun for __
Flip Flop: Two muses switch bodies, lasts for a day.
Together: Muse is stuck in __'s body with them for __
Speak: Muses voice changes to __ (anon specifies what) for a day.
Bald: Muse has no hair for a day.
Hair: Muse has hair (on their head) that is as long as themselves for __
Agrees: Muse has to say yes to everything for a day.
Disagrees: Muse has to say no to everything for a day.
Cloak: Muse becomes invisible, but can still be heard and felt, etc. for __
Ghost: Muse becomes a ghost that can possess other's bodies for __
Animal: Muse becomes a __ (anon specifies what animal) for __
Angel: Muse becomes an angel (duh) for __
Demon: Muse becomes a demon (once again duh) for __
Possessed: Muse is possessed by a demon, making them do strange and unusual things for __
Fashion: Muse becomes obsessed and snobby about fashion and tries to change other's appearance if they don't like it for __